Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Tomorrow, tomorrow!
Tonight I'll do it.

Don't you live the same (at least) sometimes? You read a wonderful sentence and you 'need', you wish to share. "Darling, listen."
:) Well, ideally, 'Darling' would hear you breathing heavily, sighing, chuckling and chirp: "My ears are yours."

So often I'd 'stumble' upon remarkable postings. And only seldom I'd let you know.

Why? There are quite a few remarkable bloggers recommending 'good stuff', and there is just not the time to read all. So, why should I increase the dilemma? :)

Anyway, hic Rhodos, hic salta. :)
Tonight, I do ask/recommend to read following posts.

No, I shall offer no 'introductions', just the links.
But I am very curious to learn, if you like/find interesting what I do like/find interesting/find moving. :)

Here we go:

A poem.

A daughter's 'homage' to her mother(s).

A 'real character' and his search for a job

Turkey's veiled dilemma.

The Raven and the First Man.

Courage - Amnesty International Call

I so hate the barbers: a story of doing nothing.

Two trips to the hardware store.

On transmutation of nouns.

Money makes the world go mad - an economic forecast.

And in case some of you like the mixture, there will be more 'wordy Wednesdays'. :)


  1. Tomorrow, tomorrow - I'll thank you for your kindness.

  2. Thank you so much for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. The sculpture brings me great pleasure no matter how often I view it, for it is so detailed and I notice something different every time.

    Thank goodness I had already read 6 out of the 10 posts recommended else I would camped here all night. I found Ardent's piece most interesting indeed. Islam and women, always a great source of anguish for me.

  3. thanks for the link. i will be reading the rest. i had read ardent's post earlier, but didnt know about the others.

  4. Sure was a great mix of posts. I loved the passion that each person put into their post. Welshcakes post was very touching. I felt sorry for SH, poor guy doing nothing. The economic forecast by Bret may see more people unemployed like Mutley. The Raven was a brilliant sculpture and I enjoyed the trips to the Hardware store.

  5. thanks for the link sean. Orhan got his bodyguard, finally..)

  6. Some interesting reading to be had by looks of it... Glad you liked the Two Ronnies and Fry and Laurie too!

  7. James,
    ... spasibo.

    I am the one who has to thank you and all those who are widening my horizon, who make me think, who make me smile.
    Very glad you liked Ardent's posting. Visiting her one can live most interesting debates about controversial matters on her site. Well, and sometimes you can get surprised by the wide range of opinions about issues that one would think are not controversial. :)

    read them whenever you find leisure. Creating the 'fish codes' and the florist have priority. :)

    pleased to read yours. And for some moments you got me puzzled. Bret? Bret who?
    I suppose, His Lordship will yet not have seen the shortform of his recent name. :))
    Well, and Mutley. He is ... is ... ah well, Mr. Mutley! :)

    high time for some posts on Turkish issues. Be sure I am following the developments. Kind regards to Istanbul. :)

    thank you. The Poor Mouth will always be part of Omnium. :)

  8. "Transmutation of nouns"

    You ever studied transmutation of metals?

  9. No, Anon. Reading a bit here and there, but my knowledge tends to zero. :)

  10. Oh!
    Aren't you supposed to finish with a question in order to keep the conversation going?
    Never mind.
    I will.

    "Tends towards".
    Does that mean you know a little? :)

  11. Perhaps you don't want to keep the conversation going.
    Perhaps I assumed to much.
    Oh well.

  12. Ha ha, got me, Anon.

    But first of all, thank you very much for the correction. Most appreciated.

    In this context a first question: Would you please continue correcting me?

    As for your question: 'tends towards zero' was probably an overstatement.
    Thus 'a little' would be one, too.

    Why did you ask? :)

  13. Your posts on astronomy, Max P on your side bar.

    I thought you might be a scientist by profession.

  14. Anon,
    do you see my brows forming question marks? :)
    Is it possible that when patience was distributed you did not stand in the first row? :)

    What do you think of my recent proposal (continuing conversation via email)?
    Perhaps it was too much assuming you'd reply. Oh well.

  15. Ah, I see. No, I am but sometimes asking scientists 'holes into their stomach' (German idiom), in order to 'transmute' :) their fascinating stuff into words that ordinary people can understand.

  16. Patience distribution?
    I have a story for you.
    I hope it won't affect your refined sensibilities.
    I found it funny, but then that may be a reflection on my sensibilities.
    I'd be surprised if you were surprised concerning my surprising level of patience. But then again I'm not sure much surprises you anymore.
    Interests you - yes.
    I am alway surprised at my interest in things, but I quickly tire if they are not central to my, ermm central interests.
    But anyway, I'd be surprised if you found my uninteresting babble interesting, so....

    The story.

    A large man and a small man were talking in the pub.
    As male conversations do, when a surfeit of alcohol is taken, the conversation turned to more, ermm, earthy things.
    The large man was be-moaning about the disparity between the size of his frame, and the size of his dong.
    The small man claimed to have an explanation.
    (I'm sure you've heard this one before, but being a cultured gentleman, I'm equally sure you would deny it. I'm also sure, that you are sure, that I am sure to finish the story, so I'll finish anyway, just to re-assure you of your surety :) )

    So the small man said.
    When God had finished making all the men, he realised that he had forgotten to make the dongs.
    So he quickly made all the dongs, and hung them out on the washing line to dry.
    Before returning to his house for lunch, he gave strict instructions that the short men would have first choice.
    Naturally, they could only reach the really long dongs..........

    So in reference to my shortage of patience.
    I must have been among the tall men for that particular hand out of patience, and the short ones beat me to it.

    On the question of dongs, I remain mute.

    There, and I never swore once. :)

  17. Anon, :))) ...
    ... and not one single tiny naughty word. Filled with joy my heart is rising like a falcon up to the nightly sky. :)
    Apropos nightly: Time for falling into the feathers.
    A lovely weekend to you and the yours.
    The Peace of the Night.

  18. Ok, snigger.
    I thought falcons were daytime hunters. :))

    May your eye be as sure as the Falcon.
    May your hunting skills be as great.

    Spell 176, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    Spell for not dying again.

    "I abhor the eastern land, I will not enter the place of destruction, none shall bring me offerings of what the gods detest, because I pass pure into the midst of the Milky Way, one to whom the Lord of All granted his power on that day when the Two Lands were united in the presence of the Lord of Things.

    As for him who knows this spell, he will be a worthy spirit and he will not die again in the realm of the dead".

    The Peace of the Night, Mr Falcon.

  19. Thanks for the good spells, Anon.
    :) And 'when the woman of the south and the man from the north will have united in love for eternity, and have become one in flesh and spirit, the children of Lir, who have been transformed into swans by Aife, will be redeemed ...'

  20. Spells? Plural?
    Wishes for the Falcons attributes were my wishes to you. :)

    All the remainder relates to one spell.

    Maybe you have to understand more of the Egyptian after-life, and the journey thereto, to understand the absolute beauty of the spell.

    Then again
    "Hero of a thousand faces"?
    Or the words themselves as you wrote them?
    Which meaning are you seeking to portray?

  21. Anon,
    the last three lines left me puzzled. Could you, please, repeat in other words?

    thus, there will be another one ... :)

  22. A very interesting first WW. Such a variety of subjects. Hans'post wasn't available. Fora is still there but doesn't blog anymore. As dear SH and Chris. I've never been very good with money matters.

    Glad to discover another Anonymous, even more irritating than the one (with multiple names) who appeared later on from Toronto! I'm sure those people gave you grey hair...:))))))

  23. Claudia,
    yeah, I thought the very anonymous to be interesting, too.
    Obviously he was not. :)