Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bastards of "Freedom City"

One of China's most prominent political activists has been formally arrested for inciting subversion.
Liu Xiaobo is accused of spreading rumours and defaming the government, according to China's state-run Xinhua news agency.
Mr Liu's arrest comes six months after he was taken into custody.
He was detained just before the publication of a document that he co-authored calling for political change in China.
Full article here.

And here a tiny example why this rotten bunch of mighty criminal and corrupt cowards, the Bastards of Beijing* (this time without asterisk!), fear and suppress people like this man whose courage I do admire since 1989.
Free speech for Mr. Liu.

More information inclusive a longer France 24-interview with Liu Xiaobo is offered by Reporters without Borders.


  1. Thanks for the links Sean, the interview at RSF is very interesting.

    He says at one point, 'true freedom is when the Government does not interfere with the work of journalists.' That would suggest that we are not free either, just that we have a slightly longer leash.

  2. Chris,
    glad you found following the links worthwhile. A remarkable personality, hm?

    Well, and as for your question without questionmark: Gosh, that's a topic to talk about; too complex to answer within a few lines.
    Only this: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press etc. are a delicate little plant that needs (almost) daily care and protection.