Sunday, June 21, 2009

Caught in the very act!

Copulating Chrysolina coerolans

The headline could also have been "Scandal in Seanhenge!"
Mind you, not that I'd begrudge anybody having a bit fun. Neither I do find scandalous they do it - so to speak - on (what's supposed to become) our peppermint tea. The scandal is: They eat what we want to drink.

If this does not immediately stop ... correction: As this will (naturally) not stop, after the shortest night of the year I shall interrupt this very coitus.

PS: Be sure I will feel most uncomfortable by the thought someone could do the same to me. ... Ah, this would be, indeed, scandalous. ...


  1. They look so happy...Vita brevis! Carpe diem; tempus fugit. I know, Sean, you will not interrupt.....When enlarging the photo, the shiny blue and the tender green make the encounter magical.

    Organic Peppermint Tea on its way to Seanhenge to replace the leaves which might have been lost through passion.:) :) :)

  2. CherryPie,
    ... ahem ... :)

    where's written on 'organic' there's not necessarily 'organic' in.
    That's why I wish them not to where the pepper grows (German idiom), but to where more peppermint grows than in the tiny realm of Seanhenge.
    Thanks for your kind offer, anyway. :)

    ha ha ha ...

  3. Obviously, the primal power of Seanhenge is leading to untamed passions! One must tread carefully within its boundaries...

  4. D.E.,
    ... and this evening discreetly passing the peppermint, I was sure that someone whispered: "Bloody papararazzo".

  5. In flagrante insecto! Amazing colours too.

  6. Hi Sean,
    It reminds me of a poem by Flemish poet Jos de Haes (1920 - 1974). Alas i have no English or German translation on hand. Still, here it is:


    Stond op de plek een wagen
    scheef in de grond ter ziele.
    De zon stond hout te zagen.
    Ik sliep tussen de wielen.
    Ik sloeg de liefde gade
    van kevers en van maden.
    Tedere bakelieten
    plezierden en verdrietten
    elkaar met dunne vijlen,
    met haken en met bijlen,
    met tastertjes en sprieten,
    alaam van sodomieten.

    Ik lag in hoge klaver,
    de rode toppen blekten.
    Ik lag in hoge klaver
    met wijfjes van insecten.

    For those who try to translate this digitally:
    ter ziele = dead
    ik sloeg ....gade = i was watching
    blekten = shone, glittered
    wijfjes = female animals, small women

    The poem is a bit creepy.


  7. Oh and:
    tastertjes = little feelers
    alaam = instruments, tools

  8. Stan,
    cave Chrysolina coerolans!

    Thanks a lot!
    And if it were for just the tastertjes - what a lovely word!

    Reading a bit of his biography and some more of his poems, I am the more glad that you introduced me to Jos de Haes. Thanks again!

    And here's a link for those who'd also like to learn a bit more about Jos de Haes, (in English), plus a tiny collection of his poems(in Dutch).

  9. Glad you like it Sean! With or without tastertjes.


  10. Thanks for the link to Jos de Haes. Always love to discover a new poet. He is not exactly cheerful but his imagery is original and interesting. I wonder if it reflects his life.