Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry Finn

Berry sitting on a stone,
pondering his otherness
comes to following decision:
I am here, I have a mission.
Dreaming of enormous fame,
Strawless Berry will set out,
find the origin of his name.

But - alas - Seanhenge is mazy,
and soon Berry is quite sure:
"Golly gosh, I am so crazy!"

Next moment, it's getting hazy,
Berry's heart is beating wild.
And the reason? A sweet Daisy.

Desillusion, fading power:
Sad and lonely on his quest
Berry's taking a next rest
on a soft and friendly flower.

Continuing his quest
to find the mystic Straw
Berry takes another rest.

And here magic stri

Sitting lazy in the tyre,
enjoying warmth of distant fire:

ss Berry and his Daisy.

And the moral of the story:
nothing can cut love in twain.
'cause thus spake Daisy:
"Names are in vain,
otherness is no sin,
my sweet ... Strawberry Finn."

humbly dedicated to the Topaz of Poetry
by Mc Seanagall


  1. That is so delightful Sean! Surely you cannot eat Strawberry Finn n after that!

  2. I is delightful and I agree with Jams you can't eat it :-)

  3. I think Strawberry Finn needs to top a particularly mighty pie, as befitting his heroic nature. Much amused, Sean!

  4. This is a time where words are as exquisite as the view. Very impressed by so much creativity...

  5. Sounds like a sound of 'Sean and Sean' with a fluhhhhhh du bouche of Flaubert..but.......he, F. could be rude sometimes..))
    Like me!

  6. I imagine that gave you such a lot of fun. While you should not be able to eat him in good conscience, better that than he rot away. Jam perhaps?

  7. What a marvellous fruit! And a suitably epic quest across Seanhenge to . . . where? Strawberry Finn's fate is now a matter of international speculation and concern.

  8. Jams & CherryPie,
    glad you enjoyed.
    Hm, the rest should perhaps be silence, as you put me in a moral Catch 22. :)

    now that would have been an option.
    However it was much more prosaic [Answer in my rply to Stan].
    Nice to imagine you smiling, D.E..

    were my treasure of English vocabulary as immense as the one of William Topaz McGonagall Esq., this could easily have become an epos of homeric dimension. :)

    rudeness - hidden or open - seems to be artist-immanent. :)

    your suggestion in retrospect makes me feel a bit less guilty. Thank you.

    yes - to where?
    Well, I'd like to tell that a magic pigeon appeared, asking Daisy and Strawberry Finn to make themselves comfortable on its wings and giving the loving couple a flight to Fruits&Flowersland. But this would not come close to the truth. No. After he had seen all photos and the post, Strawberry Finn spake to me: "Sean, I am privileged amongst all strawberries. Having found heavenly love, being eternalized in words and pictures, may I ask you for a last favour?"
    - Granted.
    "Well, I couldn't bear the thought of Daisy witnessing me ending in a glass of jam. Eat me now and here and with delight."
    And so Strawberry Finn's last will got fulfilled ...