Friday, June 05, 2009

Fancy for dancing? :)

Although personally I do prefer this

I am also fascinated by that kind of dancing. (They are giving guest performances in Germany these days)

Well, and sometimes I like Dancing barefoot.

Did I tell that I am a lousy dancer?


  1. I too admire dancing very much, any style, but especially ballet. I too am a total klutz in that area and my guilty pleasure is to watch So you think you can dance on TV.

  2. Wow the choreography is outstanding! As are the light effects. I really enjoyed this.

  3. jmb,
    ha ha, welcome to the club; and thanks for teaching me a new word, i.e. klutz. :)

    that's what I thought, too: Amazing effects.
    And? Did you try braindancing?

  4. Wow that's amazing Sean! I loved it. I'm a right brainer by looks of it..,

  5. Jams,
    it's fascinating, isn't it. And much fun when watching it with several friends at the same time: Some would see the lady turning clockwise, some anti-clockwise. :)
    Btw, while in 2007 after a while I got her turning right and left, the other day for me she turned nothing but clockwise, too.
    Seems my brain has lost its flexibility, or some synapses got agglutinated. :)