Friday, June 19, 2009

A perfect story

The perfect story contains - as everybody knows - of sex, crime, politics, religion and nobility.
I believe the thyme spake to the wasp: It's no crime when you take me deep, Mylady.

And may I assure you that by telling we had lousy few strawberries this year, so that we not even once had strawberry cake with whipped cream up til now, nor made 25 glasses of strawberryberry jam, nor ate any just so or with milk or with whipped cream, I am as honest as Ajatollah Khamenei, Barak Osama and Vladimir Putin (please add any name you come to think of).


  1. Sean,
    As lovely as all your picures are (and they are as I'm sure all will agree), if you keep using them I'll soon have no material left for any future poetry-videos. Unless you take some more, natürlich :-)

  2. Ha ha, Chris, ... latest tomorrow night some more will be on their way ... :)

  3. Grazie, signora Limoncello, e una bella domenica. :)

  4. Lovely picture, the strawberries make my mouth water :-)

  5. Transcribed for the most powerful man in the world who just slapped and killed a fly, for all of us to admire, during a televised interview.


    Stung by a spiteful wasp
    I let him go life free
    that proved the difference in him and me.
    For, had I killed my foe
    it had proved me at once
    the stronger wasp
    and no more difference.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Dear Sean,

    Your garden is heaven and haven.
    Let us sing praise to wasps, generous thyme nectar, and juicy strawberries with whipped cream.

  6. Absolutely delightful.. more straberries than we get. Ah well the insects have some nice sweet grub to scoff!

  7. Perhaps this is their off year. I always found when I grew strawberries that it was a three year process. Plant the young offshoots year 1, an OK crop year 2 with the best for year 3. So I had to keep the rotation in sync with some of each for every season. Now my garden is a shade one and I don't grow strawberries any more.

    Worth the wait, wouldn't you say?

  8. CherryPie,
    they are indeed delicious. :)

    very fitting poem, thank you.
    I'd immediately start singing were I sure to not scare away the birds. :)

    we are indeed having a great harvest this summer. As for the insects: They obviously feel to have found their El Dorado.

    quite. We have always three rows, and for the past five years the strawberries each year have been 'wandering' one row southwards.
    It's certainly worth the waiting.