Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What about Order 81, Mr. Obama?

US President Barack Obama has strongly condemned the "unjust actions" of Iran in clamping down on election protests.
He said he respected Iran's sovereignty and it was "patently false" of Iran to say the West was fomenting the unrest.
Full article here.

Well spoken, Mr. Obama.

By the way, what about the sovereignty of farmers? F. e. in Iraq?!

I did not hear, yet, that Order 81 was declared null and void.

In case he did not - despite claiming "Yes, I can!" - moreover, does not at all intend to, Mr. Obama will surely agree it were patently correct to say that the current Ex-President of the U.S.A. to-be except of being a bit more eloquent than his debicile predecessor is also nothing but a puppet for those who are said to have written the specific details of Order 81 on plants for the US Government - the Masters of Monsanto Corporation.

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The link above gives you the complete text (pdf) of Order 81.

Here's a bit information about 'Monsanto's govenor in Iraq' when by the so-called Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in 2003 the so-called 100 Orders were imposed on the Iraqi people.
You'll stumble upon names of quite a few criminals who together would easily equal 69,000 years prison if before the law everybody were equal.

The peace of the night.

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