Monday, June 15, 2009

When the mirror speaks the truth

Germany 1953, Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968, Chile 1973-1990, Argentina 1976-1983 , etc. etc. ..., not to forget the so-called Congo-Crisis which by no means ended in 1966, Cambodia 1975-1979, Ruanda 1994 etc. etc. ...

... (almost) whenever criminals in power are being told by their people they are not the fairest in the land, they do behave like a certain stepmother.

And now in Iran?

To cut it short, as you will know the latest news:
The Iranian opposition is said to claim (regarding to their reliable sources within the interior ministry) Mousavi got 19 m votes, Ahmadinejad less than 6 m.

Given that comes close to the truth it is doubtable that the official result could be prepared without Khamenei's placet.

Still ... I'd like what right now is happening in Iran to end like what happened in Europe in 1989 rather than what happened on the Place of Heavenly Peace.

I really hope so, the more as one can hear from so-call US-strategy think tanks they'd prefer Ahmahdinejad to remain in power, as (whatever) sanctions would be easier to launch.
Same goes obviously with the falcons in Israel.


  1. I hope too that the end reult is akin to the fall of the communist states in 1989 rather than what happened in China the same year.

    It's had to say how it will finish except that there will be more blood before the endgame is played out

  2. Jams,
    unfortunately one has to fear that it will come as you say. Wish, both we were wrong.

    and again: You did obviously miss my echo! It is still to be found here!

  3. Whether there was vote rigging or not the Western media should not be so repulsed. Have seen this before.

    There is a Cypriot saying, "One who wets the bed is no better than , nor should they laugh at, one who soils his pants."

  4. Ardent,
    whatever we come to 'learn' from various sides: 'There is something rotten in the state of Iran'.

  5. Sean, I thought the stench came from Denmark.

  6. Ardent,
    living in Iran nowadays Hamlet would say the same. :)