Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Masken - Masks

Gibt es ihn noch
so wie er einst war?
Ich denke, doch -
nur nimmt er es nicht wahr.

Er will es einfach nicht.
Um keinen Preis der Welt
zeigt er sein Gesicht -
er hat sich selbst enstellt.

hrj, 1972

- - -

Does he still exist
as once he was?
I think, yes -
but he does not sense it.

He just doesn't want to.
Not for love nor money
he'd show his face -
he has disfaced himself.

sj, 2009


  1. Beautifully said, Sean.:)
    We all wear many masks. It's the human condition. Thinking deeply about this, I (too) might not take any off for love, or money. But I probably would (I hope) let a friend see a bit of the face behind the mask.

  2. Claudia,
    It's interesting that something written with 17 or 18 would be not considered 'rubbish' almost fourty years later. :)

    And yes, the blogger Sean does, of course, hide his face behind several masks.
    Hm, really? Coming to think of it I am not that sure. Telling not all [see profile / Voltaire] is not the same as hiding oneself behind masks, hm? :)