Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer in Seanhenge

Like any day I could focus tonight on what happens / happened in the world - generally and in particular. And yes: Almost every day my fingers go all tingly.
However, for several reasons I do mostly - like this evening - calm my fingers down.
Firstly, as I assume that most visitors do follow the news and mainly because those who are following this blog in the past two years will find it not difficult to imagine what I think about this and that, anyway.
So let me end this with what you will also know: I am thankful (ha ha, please don't ask this agnostic to whom ...) that no loving or not-loving mother in China, Ruanda, U.S.A., Iran or Russia (to name but a few countries*) let me see the world, but that I was and (still) am allowed to live where I am ... to live another summer in what once I started to call Seanhenge.

Sean's rowan






Campanula Persicifolia Blue

Fuchsias & Geranium

Lilies& Aquilelia

*Those who think they found an interesting point to discuss are wholeheartedly invited to (politely) attack me. :)


  1. I thank the god of flowers for inspiring you to share with us your splendid oasis. Among gardeners, you're a Prince, Sean. Each one of your flowers sings of life, beauty, serenity and the loving care it receives. What a healing sight Seanhenge can be for the wounded eyes of the world. Merci!:)

  2. Well we could not attack you on your beautiful garden.

    I am afraid I have a fine crop of buttercups too.

  3. Claudia,
    as I don't find words (still blushing) just take this as a reply - :).

    Once again, we don't disagree. :)

    ha ha ha ... about both your first sentence and about 'I am afraid [...]'.