Monday, June 22, 2009

Cash as cash can ...

European agriculture ministers approved the sale of milk and meat from the direct offspring of cloned animals on Monday. Germany had long opposed the move, but finally changed its position.

Full article here.

Well, and in case you do not already know where once again corks will be popping - just check amongst the labels for this post.


  1. I read, with anger, the food links below this post. Those scandalous genetic experiments are also accepted in my country. Shouldn't science work at producing food affordable to the poor to reduce hunger in the world? 18 children die of starvation every minute. And laboratories transform needed corn in ethanol. Feed the cars, instead of people!!!!!!! Who will stop this?

  2. And the champagne was produced with genetically manipulated grapes?


  3. Claudia,
    Who will stop this?
    On the long row nature will.

    certainly not.

  4. How horrifying!

    I am against the bovine growth hormone. I thought it would not get worse that that. How wrong was I to think that!!!