Monday, June 08, 2009

Gore's greatest gesture

The United States government and Western rights groups protested* today after North Korea’s highest court sentenced two American journalists to 12 years of hard labo(u)r [and re-education; sj].
The two journalists [from Current TV; sj] — Laura King and Euna Lee — were detained by North Korean soldiers at the Chinese border on March 17 and charged with illegally entering North Korean territory and "hostile acts," but not with the more serious charge of espionage as some had feared**.
Full NYT-article here.

You'll find mentioned that Al Gore, the knight in the rainbow-coloured armour who's greatest success in his struggle to save the planet is to be found on his different bank accounts, is co-founder of Current TV.
Further you'll read that Mr Gore claims he has been 'deeply involved every single day' [since March 17th; sj] to free the journalists, and is being mentioned as a possible special envoy.

What is not mentioned is that the honourable Mr. Gore after consultations with his PR-advisors is going to offer serving 24 years in said labour and re-education camp, in exchange for the two ladies.
A noble gesture, would you agree?

- - -

Now that will teach them!

** Well why else would they've got such a mild punishment?


  1. O well, i thought Gore was already drowning with his polar bear cubs on that melting ice.


  2. Now there's a thought. Somehow I get the feeling that the journalists will be used as a bargaining chip by the North Korean government.

  3. Bertus,
    rather he'd let build a villa on Mt Everest.

    quiote. Nothing else but a bargain they are.

  4. I think Mother Earth would like that idea.:)

  5. Ardent,
    no doubt, and - the sooner the better. :)