Wednesday, June 03, 2009

If you've got two bottles of wine ...

If you are in possession of two pairs of trousers
sell one and buy this book.
Now would I not go so far as the old ingenious hunchback, but ...

... I know what's better than drinking two bottles of wine:

One bottle of wine and ... a good book. Good poetry, for example.

Now, please don't ask what the criteria for a good book are , what those for
good poetry.
And: Need I tell that you don't have to empty both - the bottle and the book - during one night? :)
But: Opening one bottle - in this very case I'd commend one of those fine Sicilian drops - and to enjoy the spirit of both the pressed grapes and the expressed thoughts - that comes next to ... :)

Alright then: During the coming days I shall - with the permission of the author and his congenial translator - post some poems.
Do I like them all? That's not the question.
Sometimes I consider a book or a (long) poem worth its price 'cause of but on
e tiny sentence.

In this very book, though, there are to be found many good thoughts. So many good thoughts, indeed, that I do wish that
Pegasus may offer the duo (poet and translator) many more of such poetic rides.

'Ha!' I do hear some of those spirits who'd love to (almost) always deny: 'How could someone who does not speak English fluently commend a book which roots are Italian?'

Although my Italian is slightly rudimental, having translated a few poems from Italian into English and German, I think I am at least able to recognise the quality of a translation.

Which is why - to cut it short! - I am varying what the ingenious hunchback (look above) demanded :)
If you are in possession of two bottles of wine
sell one and buy this book

Il Profumo del Pensiero / The Essence of Thoughts
Poems by Antonio Lonardo with English translations by Pat Eggleton.
Parallel text. 8 euros plus p&p.
ISBN: 978-88-96255-25-4.

And perhaps easier may be to contact Welshcakes via email:

lasiciliana629 at hotmail dot com

So, just do it. :)

- - - - -

Here a few links to some poems posted by Welshcakes in Italian and English. Enjoy.

Distanze / Distances

Ricera / Search

Esistenziale Itinerario / Existential Itinerary

Analogiche Differenze / Analogical Differences


  1. Quasi an epilogue ...
    ... for those who by checking my 'Seldom Borings' could notice that Sicily Scene is a part of Omnium :) and might think: 'Ah, just a friendly turn.
    Well, ... no.
    Yes, Welshcakes even happened to be one of the first five bloggers whom I asked my 'question of courtesy' and who kindly gave her 'placet', but -
    - and I know that by the following even some of those who within the past two years have not only become so-called regular readers (don't like this labelling) but somehow - yes - friends, will be surprised:
    Even for a friend by no means I'd commend a book I consider ... ahem: suboptimal.
    This may sound harsh, but that's me: I do only commend books which I consider worth reading.
    And now, once again with thanks to Robert Frost:
    So if you find you must repent
    from side to side in argument,
    at least don't us your mind too hard
    but trust my instinct - I'm a bard.

  2. Luckily I have three bottles. I will sell one, buy the book, drink the second while reading it. I will keep the third aside for the next volume!

  3. Many thanks, Sean, from me and on behalf of Prof. Lonardo.

  4. Thank you for the links...

    I am with Jams here.... Although I can not do much of drinking lately due to my chest pains but as soon as I recover, I will buy usual pinot noire... :)

  5. Thank you, Sean, for your original introduction to a very interesting poet. Please, allow me to disregard your advice. I intend to sell my two pairs of trousers. Honni soit qui mal y pense! Then (as I have an Italian friend) I'll buy two books of those magnificent poems so beautifully translated. My friend and I will enjoy reciting them in both languages while drinking Sicilian and French wines. Whoever said: Traduttore, traditore (To translate is to betray), had never read Ms.Eggleton. My friend totally agrees with you, Sean, about the quality of the translation in the poems already offered.

    Salute! Cheers! And thank you, Prof. Lonardo and Welshcakes.

  6. I see your beautiful words have come back :-)

  7. I should have said four bottles: the extra one to drink with the next volume!

  8. Jams,
    great idea, and I am sure you will enjoy both 'essences'.

    it's my pleasure, indeed! And please pass my kind regards to the poet. :)

    Pinot noir and 'The Essence of Thoughts' will surely help you to soon recover completely.
    This goes for your husband, too. :)

    this poetry session to come sounds enticing. Enjoy!

    you are very kind.
    Unfortunately, as Jams recently - and rightly - diagnosed, at present I am 'more than 50% bicycle'.
    Still, I hope there's hope ... :)

    this will keep the poet and his translator going. :)

  9. I am fortunate to have received a copy the book from Welshcakes so Idon't need to sell my wine or any other item.

    I have enjoyed it very much and I admire both the poetry in the original Italian and the fine job the translator has done.

    Hats off to both as you yourself would say.

  10. jmb,
    you'd not dare to sell the old scientist's wine, hm?
    Although: It's always nice to have some poetry books on stock; they give nice presents. :)