Monday, June 22, 2009

A voice from (?) Iran

Although I'd not like the Iranian people to get rid of their brutal, cynic, hypocritical and intolerant regime only to end under the knout of another group of fanatics*, I do offer this link.

h/t internation musings

*Mind you, the (courageous) altruists and idealists who'd help to overcome a suppressing regime would mostly not be those who set the rules for the future, as - again: mostly ... the revolution will eat its children.

PS: The questionmark in the title is there just to mark that I cannot veryfy the 'from'.


  1. I'm glad Internation Musing posted this link. So much for the protests being over.

  2. Jams,
    glad you left a message on Hans' site, too.
    After having listened to a German correspondent, I am worried what might happen next.

  3. How can we help? Who could be trusted to lead the revolution for the benefit and the safety of the endangered protesters and the oppressed? Your question mark is so appropriate. But it's good to have some news others than the Official ones the 'elected government' wants us to hear.

  4. Wanted to add that we get very little here in our newspapers, and television news. Very frustrating for Iranians who are unable to reach their family members.