Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What about Bagram, Mr Obama?

Allegations of abuse and neglect at a US detention facility in Afghanistan have been uncovered by the BBC.
A number of former detainees have alleged they were beaten, deprived of sleep and threatened with dogs at the Bagram military base.
The BBC spoke to 27 ex-inmates around the country over two months. Just two said they had been treated well.
The Pentagon has denied the charges and insisted that all inmates in the facility are treated humanely.
All the men were asked the same questions and they were all interviewed in isolation.

Full article and video here.

It seems patently correct to say that the current Ex-President to-be of The U.S.A. is not as debicile as his predecessor, but as evil as his predecessor's masters - as long as he does not immediately change what he promised when he was a would-be presidential candidate.

The peace of the night!


  1. Jams, CherryPie,
    We shall see if Mr 'Change Yes-we-can' is nothing but a most evil liar.