Thursday, September 23, 2010



  1. I'm glad you didn't drop the super harvest moon. It arrived safely, in all its beauty and fullness, over my Toronto sky. Or am I the one who did the travel? I never know! It always seems to me that I never move, and go anywhere. It would be so boring if I didn't have people like you to keep me aware of what's happening in our sky.

    May I see it again in 2029!

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  3. Sorry about that, Sean. What I tried to say the first time was,

    "Are these the Fingers of Sean? I'll recognise them anywhere now."

  4. At least you let it go! I can see it out my window tonight...

  5. Please don't snuff it out Sean or Sergeant Pluck will be round to pay a visit!

  6. Nah, Bertus,
    coming aware of my magic was absolutely cool.

    actually, I was juggling her on my left forefinger, and by the magic of my erected middlefinger I was able to eclipse her; but these are thrilling stories for somewhen else.

    Still, I did not even have felt tempted to let disappear forever. I am fully content knowing that I could if I'd like to.

    So, no need to worry about you could miss the 102 minutes on that very June 26th.

    hardly could I believe, myself, that these are my left thumb and middle finger; but yes, they are - harvesting potatoes has taken its toll.

    as I told Claude, I am fully content knowing that I could if I'd like to.
    Anyway, didn't Miss Moon shine brighter than ever? As if a magic hand had polished her? ...

    de Selby would certainly have some thrilling ideas that could even convince Sergeant Pluck.
    We three - I, me and myself -, would never kick against the Plucks.

    beautiful, hm?
    Apropos nu(get)ts: There are presently about 100 to be found every day in Seanhenge.

  7. Actually, I thought you were sending us to the full moon harvest as shown by NASA.
    Because of your post, I was out at 11 pm last night, watching the moon, to make sure you had not kept it, in Germany, between your fingers.:)

    NASA says that this full moon phenomenon will not happen again until the year 2029.

  8. A unique photo Sean! And while you are holding the moon I will be 'drinking the moon' :)

  9. Claude,
    Not would I have deprived you of such a phenomenon. I hope clouds did neither (so that you could fully enjoy)?

    what shall I say?
    Thank you and - Sláinte! :)