Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cover Story 0017


  1. Good one Sean - there have been times in the world's history I was ashamed to be Caucasoid.

  2. Imposed, tolerated, suffered for 46years, under the eyes of the world.

    A world who is afraid to look, hear and speak. Still...

  3. So many examples of cruelty and intolerance yet to be dealt with. It's good of you to bring them forth to be considered.

  4. Yes, we have to remember past injustices, so many of them, and ensure they don't happen again, and always speak out against them.

  5. Janice,
    apartheid is just one word for injustice.

    South Africa was / is but one example.

    Injustice has many clothes.

    thank you. There are many who are speaking out.
    However, as only some minutes ago I mentioned in a different, but similar context:
    ... the following is no advice, just a thought that quite frequently comes to my mind (unfortunately I do not always heed my own advice :):

    Why - instead of (just) attacking the nuts / bucking fastards / greedy and ruthless criminals - do people like us not contact/support those who are trying to change "things" for the better?

    Is it because the nuts, the bucking fastards, the greedy and ruthless criminals are more clever when it comes to webbing webs?

    Ellee [may I say so?)
    welcome to Omnium.
    Remembering past [sic] injustice is easy, though, and does - unfortunately - not stop any injustice which is either planned (for the future) and/or executed in the now.

    Nevertheless, yes! It needs some people to speak out!

    Ahem: Imagine some/many people speaking out and ... the nuts, the bucking fastards, the greedy and ruthless criminals who rule the world are ... just laughing/ignoring ...

  6. Past injustices? There is now apartheid between rich and poor in South Africa. Well, of course it has always been like that. The devil is alwats shitting on the biggest heap.

    In spite of having had the best president one could wish in such a great country.


  7. Bertus,
    I am glad you took my point! Thank you.
    To repeat myself in other words: What does it help to remember (!) the past, and doing nothing against those who are planning and committing atrocities now?!

    Ahhhhhhh ... words ...