Saturday, September 25, 2010

Impressions d'une pleine lune


  1. Fabulous, Sean! It's too overcast to see here...

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  3. I've definitely enjoyed your moon shots Sean

  4. All your recent, fascinating posts on the moon are metagrobolizing. Althought you seem to believe that you can control the celestial body with the flick of a finger, it looks like you're totally under its power. Actually, if I were you, I wouldn't trust myself under une pleine lune. A moonbeam might pick you up, and transport you on the satellite where you will be forever busy waving at us on a clear night. I'm not able anymore to look at the Toronto night sky without thanking you for your generosity in sending your moon my way.

  5. Claude, I think you maybe onto something here... :):)

    Sean tell us your preoccupation with the moon lately?

  6. D.E.,
    thank you. The photos were also taken on Thursday. On Saturday there was not much to be seen from the moon here, either.

    Dear removing author,
    a pity you deleted your comment (and I wonder why?), as I took (and take) it as a most lovely compliment. Well, and the rest left/leaves me pretty curious.
    Anyway, thank you very much; and yes, I shall be careful with that moon.

    Calum, Jams,
    thank you very much!

    so, for you it looks as if I were under its power?
    Well, I am; in the same way that this agnostic believes - :) - he can control the celestial body ... not.
    As for your thankfulness re my generosity: You are most welcome, and I shall do my very best that each night you are looking at the sky the moon will be there.
    I don't control the clouds, though. At least, not yet.

    it is all the clouds' fault. :)

    ... ahem ... my preoccupation? Lately? Well, for the past four days, i.e. 96 hours, my preoccupation was ... sleeping, as he who sleeps does not feel a tickle in his throat.
    Tonight I do feel better. And, hopefully, Wednesday I shall be okay, again.
    The peace of the night.

  7. Lovely shapes, shines and shadows, Sean. Although, like Claudia, I am a little worried about the apparent influence the moon has on you, I suppose it could be worse: you might be receiving messages from Mars.

    Either way, here's to a clear midweek throat.

  8. Chuckling, Stan,
    and at the same time being serious.
    Perhaps (?) I am/was focusing on the moon as I (my camera) cannot focus on a dot?

    Well, and - once again - today I had to / was able to witness on what a (thin) string (our) life is dangling.

    To cut it short: Perhaps, by lately focusing on the moon, I - once again - wanted to tell how wonderful life is - could be ...