Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cover Story 0014

Irish crime stories
without blood


  1. Topical! (Then again, white-collar crime will always be fashionable in Ireland.) This bookmash is also colour-coded very appropriately.

  2. "It is a man's duty to have books." Henry Ward Beecher. Here's the full quotation. Scroll down to see the library. I'm sure your own is quite similar. Lifting my glass to the many fascinating Cover Stories you will offer to us in the months to come.

  3. Oh, Stan,
    we could talk about this for ... weeks ... hm?

    The colours are matching, hm? Add a bit of white, and we'd get - maybe not peace, but ... a nice tricolore.

    I (think I) do see Mr. Beecher's point.
    Still: To have books does not mean much per se, hm?
    Even to read books means not much, as long as they are not worth all the trees being cut.

    Fortunately, I feel surrounded by books most of them have enriched my life.
    However, no: They have not been arranged exactly in the way shown in the picture. There has been left space for the walls and - pictures/photos/painings.

    Re the Cover Stories: Glad you like them. The more as I do feel/know most visitors will have a problem to see a story. :)

    I can assure them, though, they are stories. Stories in my mind. And most of them I do like.

    Well, and perhaps, I shall post some more. ...

  4. If you keep clicking, at the bottom of the link, you will see hundreds different dispositions for books.
    It would be fun to see your own wall-units.

    I don't always understand your Cover Stories, specially if it's political. But I love to see them. It makes me think. And I discover new writers. Probably will not have time to read all the books. But it's nice to know of them, and of the writers'lives. Never an easy life...

  5. Claude,
    kept clicking and ... ah! ...

    the longer this blog lives the more of my bokks might be revealed. :)

  6. Merci de tout coeur! Anticipating fun moments and great discoveries. Visiting you is never boring, Sean.:)