Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The U.S.A. and the Terrorism

On such a nice day I don't feel like commenting a speech which - once again freely adapting Thoreau - a ready wit could have written a twelvemonth beforehand with sufficient accuracy.

Instead, I let you alone with a terrific ready wit.

Just take your time. It's worth it.


  1. Your mission, Calum ought to be: Enduring viewing.
    Germany may not (anymore) be the land of poets and thinkers, but its political Kabarettists are (often) brilliant.
    Unfortunately for those who happen to not speak German: They do so.

  2. I couldn't laugh once. Because it's so tragically true. No political system seems better than another. Some are infinitely worse. And no country is immune. As societies, are we desperately trapped in la raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure? Never knowing, from one moment to the next, which side will be the strongest? Is there a solution?

    Withough understanding the language, I could see that the delivery was good, with the right touch of sarcasm. And the listeners were intelligent enough to catch the subtle irony about their own country. It takes courage and honesty to deliver the truth and to accept it.

    I'm sending my American friends (good and decent people) to Mr.Pispers on YouTube. They'll learn more from him than they did from their President's confused and confusing speech about the end of a war which has NOT ended, and maybe never will.

    In a country which is not theirs,50,000 troops left behind (American sons and daughters) without the protection of combat soldiers. In a country which hasn't succeeded yet in playing well the democratic role imposed on its people by an invasive War which Iraquis haven't started.

    Maintaining the facade: no word of apology for the killing. I cry......

  3. Finished all vids. Excellent, Sean. Thank you.

  4. Claude,
    thanks for taking the time. Impressive, hm?
    As for the current Ex-President to come: Yes, he can ... meanwhile even deliver lousy speeches. What a dazzler!
    Ah, don't get me started. :)

    glad you took the time, did not regret and come to the same conclusion as I came.

    Don't be too busy busy a bee. :)