Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cover Story 0010

The Future of the Third World

Toxin Export
Things fall apart
Time of lawlessness
War or what else?


  1. Worrisome isn't it? Sometimes (now that colonial empires are out of fashion) many of us would wish for that part of the world to disappear into oblivion so that we could enjoy our comfort and well-being without guilt. Why so many people in those lands, why do they keep multiplying, why can't they govern themselves properly, and why are their children always so hungry?

    And why do we have the arrogance to believe that we could teach them a thing or two? We've done so well for ourselves. Peace, prosperity, long life and happiness...At which price?

    And are we our brothers' keepers?

  2. Claude,
    yes, manifold are our gifts*. When will those barbarians** learn to appreciate them?

    * I know I mentioned earlier, but still: Interesting that the English word gift translated into German means Geschenk (gift/present), and the German word Gift translated into English becomes poison, isn't it?

    **I see another Cover story coming