Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How to fill nine billion bellies

... or not?


  1. I finally listened to it all. The first two videos presented the problem and the urgency quite well. The third one, with the possible solutions, was delivered in such a monotonous, hesitant voice. I took notes of the ten areas where something should be done. Except NO 1 (GMF), it doesn't seem probable that our ways to produce food will change soon. It still involves so much research, and the cooperation of the whole world.

    What will be pushed will be the genetically modified food (GMF) because it will bring instant money to corporations (but not long term, permanent benefits for mankind.) I doubt that presently well-fed people have any idea the next generations EVERYWHERE will be severely affected by an inevitable (?) food shortage.

    Thank you, Sean. What can we do? Apart from personally sharing a bit of our surplus with people who are hungry. And speaking with our representatives at election times.(???????????)

  2. Claude,
    yes, the speaker's voice is so monotonous that many viewers latest after a couple of minutes will turn off.
    A pity, as he raises interesting aspects.

    What we - you and I :) - can do? Speak out, wait and see. That's all, I suppose.

  3. Sean - Apart from the monotonous voice, he says ehhhh between each sentence, even in the middle of a sentence. How can he ever get people interested in his very good propositions to improve cultivation? I'm sending him a email. I'll tell him he is better get afire if he wants to save the world from starvation.

  4. It's going to be a nice email, Sean. This gentleman did a lot of work trying to find solutions.

  5. Haha ha,... eh, Claude,
    there was ... ehhh ... a teacher who ... ehhh ... listening to our answers, afterwards used ... ehhh ....to say: Not wrong. And now try to say the same without an ehhh.
    What a teacher!

    Such advice would come a bit too late for Dr. Pillar, though, I suppose.
    So let's neglect his 'ehhhs, and his monotonous voice: His lecture is not the worst that has been hold about this topic, hm?

    Anyway, In case he answers your e-mail, let me know.
    I am curious ...