Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Withering Heights


  1. From withering heights are heard wandering hoots from weathering hearts.

  2. Lady Limoncello,
    why would I not be surprised? :)
    Lovely, though, that you corroborated [?] what I thought.

    this would make a lovely haiku. Thank you.

    yes. And they are looking down at me every day.

  3. An impressing sight. Quite overwhelming. I would feel a bit lost. I had to look at the withering definition. Perfect adjective. Great photo.

  4. Claude,
    interesting. :)
    when looking at the photo, I found it pretty inimpressive, and had not posted it, had I not found funny to change one certain vocal.
    And as I am at it:
    Interesting, too, I do find that posts I find especially interesting or even good would cause much less reaction than others which I consider nice and light but which are comparatively profane.
    You will know what I mean. :)
    And nah! I am not complaining.
    Finally: Thank you.

    hahaha, and if she'd been snuckering it would just (have) be(en) perfect!

  5. `Great title Sean! There is a sad beauty in Autumn

  6. Thanks, Jams. Now I understand the title, and the photo, even better. I didn't want to mention sadness again, as I did last year on the beautiful post Summer leaves(2009/11). Didn't succeed linking it, but when we click on Autumn, at the bottom of this post, we see well the poetic melancholy of the season.