Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday is Skyday


  1. Ruth,
    that's what I thought/think, but I might be wrong.
    Anyway. I like what I see.

  2. It's by favour
    The sky
    Changes colour
    That's why
    Every Friday
    The sky
    Will play
    With clouds and say
    Friday's my day
    Dear Sean
    Let me be seen

  3. That's a very "light at the end of the tunnel" sky, Sean! Will current history resemble the sky any time soon?

  4. Claude,
    [may Don QuiScottie take it with a lenient smile] :)

    what shall I say, my dear friend?
    It's too late to be a pessimist, hm?

  5. PS: "O/T" I am not sure if you noticed but 'Anon' left a reply for you on those thoughts about cabals.

    Just passing the message on...

  6. CherryPie,
    it's amazingly beautiful a sky, hm?

    Re 'anonomous': Thank you. I had read his request to pass on his request. :)
    What shall I say without sounding too harsh?
    Once upon a time I had a very friendly anonymous telling me a lot of most interesting things, but as soon as I did not immediately in the links he was sending me, the gentleman lost his gentlemaness..
    And thus, kind as I am, I offered him to either change his attitude or to fuck off.
    And so he did.
    Nah, not changing his attitude.
    He fucked off.

    May your anonomous prove me wrong.
    The peace of the night.

  7. That was a very beautiful capture. There's nothing quite like having a camera to hand when a magic moment strikes.