Friday, September 24, 2010

What a magic discovery ...

to see that my erected middlefinger
is able ...
to cause a lunar eclipse.


  1. I am not (I repeat: I AM NOT) going out, at 11 pm tonite, as I did last night, to see if you truly eclipsed the moon.

    And I won't take it personally that your middle finger is erected towards me.

    La paix de la nuit.:)

  2. For a second or two I missed the moon and thought you were just being very rude to your blog readers!
    .....but now I see you were not......or maybe.....

  3. Sean, I must say that I object very strongly to your raising of the middle finger to the beautiful Moon! For shame, sir! I trust we will not be presented with a photo of you baring your buttocks towards the Moon next!
    Although, of course, you are perfectly free to do so, just as I am perfectly free to object (chuckles to himself...)

  4. Praise be for you hold Omnium on the tip of your finger!

  5. Also we had one of those full moon thing last night.

  6. It's curious that your forefinger moves from under the thumb to over the thumb. Does this manoeuvre have Masonic significance?

  7. Claude,
    thanks for not taking anything personally. Actually, I tried this cless with my little and my ring(less) finger, but somehow it did not work. Hopefully next time.

    Haha, a fine compliment. Thank you.
    To make up, herewith I declare the end of the Scottish Divison One-season!!
    Congrats to your boys, Calum. And welcome back to the Premier League!

    oh my, oh my!
    When even you think I could be rude, is it possible I did not perform a miracle, but Lady Moon turned her dark side on me?
    I'll have to check this.

    in this glorious moment I was not at all aware of that I had used the very finger that by some contemporaries is considered to be a naughty one.
    Well, and never would have come upon me the idea of transforming my bottocks into a mirror for Lady Luna.
    However, now you mentioned it ...

    a cless, hm? :)

    your praise is much appreciated, the more as in this very case I do really deserve it.

    ahem. :)
    Just to make sure: Did you observe that full moon thing before or after my scientific performance?

    it had insofar as it helped maintaining the erec ... the middlefinger's steadiness.