Monday, September 06, 2010

Cover Story 0009


  1. If I understand the title well, it seems a bit of an obsession. No women in Canada? Ah! well, better to be ignored than to be compared!

  2. A collection can reveal an obsession, sometimes...

  3. Claude,
    Unter can mean both among and under. ...

    So, for you a bit of an obsession it seems? Well, no.
    Reading the anthologies, all containing stories written by female authors, was / is interesting, though; and I did not ignore comparing ...

    ... sometimes, indeed.

  4. Again a misunderstanding. I thought it was about women, not written by women. So much more interesting!

  5. I had the same misconception as Claude. This puts a whole new light on it ;-)

  6. Claude,
    Nine titles 'Frauen aus ...' would not not be worth a photo.
    However I thought (putting) McGahern among and under (unter) women might be able to cause a smile.
    Oh well, strange is this blogger's dimmed brain's humour.

    [Ten minutes later]
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

    Et tu, Ruth?
    Now this is interesting! :)

    Well, rather than pondering what visitors might think before or without reading the comments:
    These are interesting, not seldom fascinating reads. And: It's interesting to compare how authors in different countries, with different a background, do write about / handle the same / similar subject(s). Same goes for style and so on.
    If there is one thing disputable: the title(s) of this collection. Would any publisher come to think of a collection 'Männer in Afrika, Männer in Irland, Männer in Italien ...?

  7. Dimmed or not, you caught our attention! I was wondering about McGahern. He looked a bit lost among women.

  8. But I'm glad he is there. I dislike segregation! :)

  9. Laughing heartily at this. Inspired, Sean. I never imagined that the wonderful John McGahern was such a globe-trotting lothario.