Thursday, September 16, 2010

Key to Demorkneycy ?

If when it comes to politics you tend to roll your eyes, shrug your shoulders and say 'I don't care about politics / I am unpolitical / I can't change anything, anyway / The world is as it is / Politicians are selfish bucking fastards ... etc. etc. -  ahem: all these are political comments.
It's the polis where politics begins.
Actually, it begins within your four walls.

Oh well, then hurry on to the next most thrilling blog.

End of the beforegoing.

"High quality education … support for vulnerable people … ferry services for our scattered communities … waste collection … roads maintenance … council housing.
Just some of the many services run by your local Council. Our work touches almost every aspect of life across Orkney. As we prepare for Tough Times and Tough Choices I’m posing six questions on this blog.  There is a reply form below for your ideas and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you."
A Council Convenor's introducing 75 (!) words to - what I think - a remarkable blog.

Why (would I make a post of this)?
Well, the other day I took the time and read all - yes: all - contributions re 

- priorities
- roads
- education
- transport
- care
- other ideas

and afterwards thought: that's an interesting attempt.
What a feedback. If only  Orkney's elected representatives will take serious what those wrote they are representing. This blog is a chance! Do they know?
Now are the Orkney islands inhabited by approximately 20,000 people, about as many as are living in the little town where I was born once in the past millennium.
Such 'thing' wouldn't work in London, New York, Tokyo, hm? Not to speak of Great Britain, the U.S.A., Japan etc., let alone India and China.

Well, it would. At least, it could.
It's - repeating myself - the polis where politics begins.
Actually, it begins within your four walls.

End of the beforegoing.

Following the links given above you will find one contributor writing:
It is quite obvious that this entire blog has only been set up to give the impression that 'we' are somehow part of whatever solution the council comes up with and so are helping to decide our own fate. This is not actually the case. [...]
I wish s/he (who in the following wrote down some good thoughts) were wrong; because - repeating myself - if  Orkney's elected representatives will take serious what those said they are representing, they will be giving evidence of that they understood what they are: representatives.

End of the beforegoing:

And here a tiny service for those visitors from the U.S.A. who normally watch Fox News and only accidentally landed at Omnium and would not immediately know the whereabouts of the Orkneys.

 Got it?


  1. The Government had a "spending challenge" website to drum up ideas or slashing government spending. While a few good ideas probably came through, the site was mainly the rantings of gimlet eyed bigots et al, plus a fair few funny suggestions too!

    I had no faith in the Government's consultation process, I hope the Orkney one is a bit more productive.

  2. interesting post, Sean.

    I believe (as an individual) that I should be well informed politically, that my opinion is very important, and that my vote counts. It could be an illusion, of course. Nevertheless, I make it my duty to speak quite often to my representatives federally, provincially and civically. It's also my responsibility to discuss the issues with as many people as possible, at election times.

    My mother was a (non corrupt)politician. She instilled that discipline in her younger daughter. Maybe Ottawa think of me as a pest. I don't care. I have the right to tell my Prime Minister (and every elected official) what to do if he/she lacks information and wisdom. It's essential to remind our representatives that their function is to serve, not to rule.

    I also believe that the more of us who tell tyrants we know what they're doing, the more the world has a chance to get rid of them.Amen!

  3. Jams,
    vividly I can imagine what you describe. One blog for 40 million inhabitantsor so, is likely to attract morons.
    The Orkney blog is different, though.

    My point is: Each single individuum knows what happens in her/his surroundings.
    Quite a few - not to say many or even most - certainly do have this or that idea to change this and that for the better.
    Many/most of those are people who have ideas but do not know how to put them into effect.
    Others do know how to put things into effect.

    Now, electing those with little ideas to become the representatives of those with ideas - this leaves possibilities, hm?
    And it would cost nothing!
    No cent (billions) to be spend for whatever kind of so-called think tanks.
    Interesting word combination, by the way, hm? Thinktanks.

    easily I can imagine that an individual like you is considered a pest by certain politicians. :)
    Each individual being well informed would be ideal.
    I am convinced, though, that most individuals want / would like to participate, i.e. to influence their surroundings for the better.

    You will (have) notice(d) that I am (close to become) loquacious.

    Once my English is better - ahem, ahem :) - and I feel fancy to take the time - I shall write a post about this very topic which is - as said - complex.
    ... And hopefully I shall remember to link back to this very post and its comment-section.

    Ah, Claude, it's so nice to know that you know what I have been trying to say ... eh, write ... :)