Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cover Story 0015


  1. Sean, have a word with Cherie about a post I left for you


  2. OK, don't then.

    Case closed.

    Just like other blogs.

    effing useless

  3. Anonymous Mr. Anonomous,
    why would I not be surprised that His Eminency did not prove me wrong?

    In another comment section on this blog I told CherryPie my experiences with moronic Knowalls.

    Good riddance!

  4. You don't lose me that easily, dog-brain.

    If it takes an insult to extract an answer from you, my case is proven.

    Your eminence has no clothes.

    My turn to say ...

    No, wait..

    Man with wine glass full of water has no space left for the wine.

    Now it's my turn to say


  5. To attack a man for talking nonsense
    is like finding your mortal enemy
    drowning in a swamp and
    jumping in after him with a knife.

  6. The Irish have the right idea. A colourful wake is the best way to say goodbye to a friend. I've never been to a wake but I'm sure that laughter and good fun, mixed with tears, would truly help the grieving process. After I read the Amusements, I might leave some instructions on how to handle my case there are a few mourners around!

    BTW, there is a bug on your blog, Sean!

  7. Yes, Claude,
    it's nice to imagine the living to have much (spiritual) food and fun whilst remembering the dear dead's foibles, quirks and whims. :)
    There are some fine drops of excellent uisce beaha waiting for the joyful mourners in the cellars of Seanhenge.
    And the funeral will become most entertaining: The dead speaking out to the living ...

    Ah, not only that the longer I live the shorter I'll be dead; the longer I live the more often I can enjoy imagining my listeners faces.

    And now for something completely different. Many thanks for alerting me. The problem with the bug is fixed.