Thursday, September 02, 2010

What about Order 81, Mr. Obama II

The blogging world is ... interesting.

June 23, 2009, I posted the following: What about Order 81, Mr. Obama?

About one month later, out of the blue, within a couple of minutes I got more than 200 visitors, among them two employees of homeland-security (what a waste of tax-payers money, hm?) and, of course, St. Louis, Monsanto).
That's much for a micro-blogger who does not do anything to catch attention as the few readers/commenters could testify.

What's interesting: I did not count, but there have been some hundreds of visitors since and ... none of them commented.

Too many links?
And what about those who followed the links?
Ah, not interesting enough, hm? Not interesting enough for the average US-American, hm? [almost 100 % of the visitors were visitors from the U.S.A..]   

Anyway, here's my question, again: What about Order 81, Mr. Obama?

PS: If following the links, reading and understanding them turns out being too difficult, you are forgiven. ...  Maybe, you should invite your friends ... for a tea-party.

The peace of the night.


  1. I'm confused, but let's see if this gets your visitor numbers up (and mine - although I don't have the software to count): Obama, Conspiracy, Guantanamo, Kennedy, Al-Qaeda, Monsanto, Assasination, Afghanistan, Iran, Smoking Gun, Ayatolla Jeating and Rabbi Jeating meeting Imam Jeating, Stoning, Boning, Phoning, Fecking Irish, Cardinal Sin. (Do these people have a sense of humour - or humor -?) extraordinary rendition of Scott and Jeating... for a beating... and a meeting... with God, Allah and the Devil himself, for a smoke of dope, and abandoning hope. Let me know.

  2. For sure, Andrew,
    this will - despite your confusion - help the(re-)volution to get started.
    We are an ideal couple,
    Andrew and I,
    I brighten the earth,
    he polishs the sky.
    Or so.
    Or vice versa.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry about deleting, Sean. I don't think I had caught what the comments intended to do.