Sunday, September 05, 2010

Cover Story 0008


  1. There was fourth one! Would you put Homer?

  2. Ah! yes... the film including the fourth one brings back a memory that makes me smile :-)

  3. Claude,
    I would. I don't have a book titled Homer, though.
    And if I did, I'd lack of The four Musketeers.

    "the film including the fourth one'?!
    Byron, Keats, Shelley & Homer?
    Mylady, you see me confused. :)

  4. The fourth musketeer! Always the enigma :-)

  5. CherryPie,
    ... and thus I remain as unscient as before ... :)

  6. They were Athos, Aramis, Portos and D'Artagnan. You find them again in books 1 and 2:Vingt ans après from Alexandre Dumas. Do they speak German, Sean? :)

  7. Ha ha ha, Claude,
    und zu Deiner Frage: Leidlich.

  8. Ah! je suis tout à fait perdue...mais mon amie Autrichienne va m'aider à te comprendre.:)

  9. Sorry Claude,
    my fingers were faster than my brain(s) [lousy lie].
    As far as I know the Four Musketeers' German was lousy.
    [No lousy lie, though]: My German is (probably) not too bad.
    I might, though, be exaggerating.

  10. I'm just re-reading Umberto Eco's lectures on Experiences in Translation (which I was lucky to attend when he gave them at the University of Toronto in 1998.) I always wonder about major works being (in a way) re-written in the translating process.

  11. BTW, I find your Title Tales (as Jams say in Cover Story 0008)) fascinating.

  12. Correction: "As Jams said." I loved it!

  13. Claude,
    here, you are (in a way also) refering to one of Stan's recent posts.
    The answer I do not know.

    All I know: It's interesting to re-read short stories after ten, twenty or more years, to stop after reading a certain word/sequence, thinking that's wrong! ... and after a while to realize - it was exactly the right word/sequence. :)

    Fact is: Translating an ideal sequence sometimes - what a pity! - is just impossible.

    - I am glad you like the cover stories/ title tales. Thank you.

  14. Sean - You must have meant this post from Stan. It will be fun if I get it right! Sentence first attracts such a variety of commenters.

  15. But what of John Polidori? not much of a D'Artagnan perhaps!

  16. :)
    indeed. Thank you.
    How cometh I linked to ...? ... Ah, yes. I intended to remind you of the legendary Tour de Burren, in which, Charles de Batz beat a certain Raymond Polidori who later became known as the 'eternal second'.

    thanks for correcting me. Of course, it was John Polidori.
    It's all the ladies' fault. They're trying to confuse me.

  17. You meant Byron's Doctor, the Vampyres writer? I doubt you would have the book to put in the Title Tales to represent Charles de Castelmore.

    BTW, you're always confused when ladies are around, Sean. Your heart beats faster, and your brains go dimmer. It's fun to watch, and also flattering for the ladies. In their names, thank you!

  18. Claude,
    ... or, myabe, I meant Raymond Poulidor? :)

    Anyway, for the rest: My dimmed brain tells me there is nothing to add ...

  19. It will just teach not to enter someone's else discussion!

  20. Claude,
    sorry for confusing. I just felt like being very silly. :)

  21. It's OK. I'm always far too serious in my comments, And when I attempt laughter, I do not succeed. My own brain is not geared for levity.